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At Daoble BEE the quality of our product, attention to details & knowledge of log home building is is the best in South Africa. We provide professional and neat log houses for any use from a Tool shed to a log home.  At Daoble BEE we pride ourselves on our unique, proffesional skills in producing beautiful Log Homes by hand from the raw materials. We offer the best design and build service to help you create your dream log home for a affordable Price. Our construction service are eco friendly.

Our Services

  • Wendy Houses 
  • Pool Decking
  • Lodges
  • Holiday Chalets
  • Holiday Homes
  • Log Homes
  • Hunter Huts
  • Bachelor Flats
  • Granny Flats
  • Horse Stables
  • Tool Sheds
  • Security Offices
  • Site Offices
  • Workers Quarters
  • Domestic Quarters
  • Work Rooms
  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • Renovation
  • Fencing
  • Wooden Decks or Patios
  • Lapa’s
  • Doll Houses


Customer Satisfaction

LOG HOMES & WENDY HOUSES Warm, Strong, Unique and Timeless.

You are entering a world of log homes & wendy houses wonders and amazing creations. Of dream Wendy houses and exciting Log Home designs and living options. From cozy cabins, spacious family Log homes and impressive guest lodges.

And you may be surprised as to just how affordable your beautiful log home could be.

Quality Workmanship

Granny Flats & Beginner Houses

Do you require an inexpensive temporary or permanent solution to accommodate granny or the kids? Look over a scope of weatherproof houses, from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms.all our units accompany 400mm stilts and ceiling included in the price.

Pool Decking

Having a pool means having fun, having something to do on a hot day, and having an excuse to get outside with your family. Adding a poolside deck can help make the (often wet) area around your pool more attractive, more functional and, most importantly, safer. So which type of decking is best to install next to a pool? In today’s market you have pool decking options which are more comfortable underfoot (especially under bare feet!), splinter and screw free, more moisture and weather resistant, more hygienic, and longer lastingthan traditional wood decking. Plus, they’re designed to withstand wet conditions without warping or bending.

Toolsheds & Wendy Houses

These toolsheds are the perfect solution to house your garage overflow. Without any windows it can be piled high and not visible to roaming eyes. They are weatherproof, so you can store pretty much anything.

Bar & Entertainment Huts

These units can be on the ground or stilted for uneven surfaces. Ideal for round the pool as a stimulation region, or outdoor games room. They are stylishly satisfying with cottage-pane patio doors, and 1.5m veranda.

Kids Playhouses

Are your kids bored at home? Why not consider a wendyhouse or even better a treehouse, you don’t have a tree… We have the arrangement! What about a twofold story unit, children can have a den upstairs and father can have his device room beneath or have it open with a sandpit underneath, the alternative are interminable.

Log Homes

We’ll manage you straightforwardly to examine all parts of your log home, from the underlying plans, the decision of wood and its advantages, to the development through to the genuine establishment on location.

Wendy Houses

We are manufacturers to begin with, sales representatives last and we’d love to demonstrate to you what we can do. You are most welcome to drop in whenever at our yard in Pretoria to talk about your fantasy Wendy  House task face to face.


Throughout the years we have been lucky to be a piece of a great deal of Commercial ventures. The ‘amazing’ factor is exceptional as is the sentiment achievement that we as a whole get the opportunity to share.


Clients cherish us since we endeavor to surpass their desires; temporary workers adore us since they can complete their work rapidly once we’ve introduced the log home.

Post & Beam

A Post and Beam home uses vertical logs (posts) to help stack bearing even logs (shafts) with an assortment of joinery choices accessible to you, the outcome is a hearty edge for lovely uncovered logs.

Floor Plans

We can supply a huge number of floor plans ready for your fantasy log home, regardless of whether you are searching for a comfortable lodge in the forested areas or a loft or more square foot castle, converse with us today.

Wendy Houses

Log Home Projects

Log Cabins Built

Commercial Projects

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Terms and conditions.

  • Our prices are including  delivery and erection.
  • The following payment method should  be done when the contract is exceeding  4 day of working (1) 60% will be paid as a deposit. (2) 30% upon roofing . (3)10% on final inspection.
  • The client has got the full right of ownership after proof  of last payment.
  • An extra charges will be negotiated to a ground with a slope that are  600mm and above.
  • Plumbing , Electric and painting  are not included  in our prices  unless on the requests from the client.
  •  ln any site that doesn’t have electricity , the client is required to provide generator and petrol.
  • If our workers are not required to stay in the site , the client is liable to provide suitable accommodation at his/ her own costs.